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I’m Rich Goldstein — a  patent attorney, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who helps people protect and capitalize on their valuable ideas. 

Over the past 25 years, I’ve secured more than 2,000 patents. My experience has taught me that protecting intellectual property is all about doing the right thing at the right time, when it matters. 

I take great satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs understand how patents can propel their business. 

That’s why I founded Goldstein Patent Law decades ago, and it’s what still drives me and my team every day. We believe your patents and trademarks should reflect your definition of success. They should empower you to achieve your goals. 

My straightforward approach to patent law earned me the honor of writing a book for the American Bar Association(ABA), the world’s largest voluntary legal organization. If you’re just beginning your patent journey, I encourage you to read “The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent.” 

Education is my passion because it leads to empowerment. I travel the nation teaching entrepreneurs about intellectual property. I also host the podcast Innovations & Breakthroughs, where we have illuminating conversations with top business leaders about their journey to success. 

No matter what led you here today, I look forward to connecting.  Message me here and someone from my team will contact you soon.

More About Rich

Rich Goldstein is on a mission to connect everyday entrepreneurs to the power of owning their intellectual property. 

It’s a passion rooted in his unique background. 

As the son of an engineer, Rich learned to appreciate innovation at a young age. Technical knowledge has always come naturally, which led him to earn a degree in electrical engineering— a foundation that still serves him today as a patent attorney. 

While Rich still enjoys the technical components of patent law, he truly shines as an educator. His unique ability is to boil down complex legal jargon, explain it in plain english, and put  it into context that matters.

Rich has used this ability to counsel his clients for more than 27 years, helping them secure more than 2,000 patents through his firm, Goldstein Patent Law.  His knack for simplifying legalese also earned him the attention of the American Bar Association, which asked him to author “The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent” in 2016. 

Notably, Rich launched his firm when he was still fresh out of law school. Like many entrepreneurs, Rich built his business from the ground up. Today Goldstein Patent Law serves clients across the nation with patent, trademark, copyright, and international protection services. 

As a real-world entrepreneur, Rich understands business and how it’s potentially impacted by intellectual property (IP). He also realizes that many are not fully leveraging IP to their advantage. 

The nexus between IP and business is what inspires Rich to speak, write and educate. He wants more entrepreneurs to understand their IP and make the most of it. 

What’s more, Rich manages to share his knowledge in approachable ways. His conversational tone comes through in his writings, speeches, presentations, and his popular podcast Innovations & Breakthroughs

Simply put: From blueprints to bottom lines, Rich brings extraordinary IP knowledge — and he’s using it to transform the way entrepreneurs leverage it to achieve success.

“IP may be the thing you know the least about that could have the biggest impact on your business if you just understood it better."

Rich Goldstein Podcast


The path to success may look different for each entrepreneur. But the strategies to get there are often the same. That’s at the heart of Rich’s popular podcast, Innovations & Breakthroughs

Inside each episode, Rich’s conversations reveal how entrepreneurs have created change to reach success. Tune in for practical advice and thought-provoking dialogue. 

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Rich is the author of “The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent,” which teaches the most important principles about patent applications and the patent system. It plainly explains how to protect patentable ideas effectively and efficiently — helping readers save time and money. The  American Bar Association (ABA) — the world’s largest voluntary legal organization — asked Rich to author this book in 2016, and it continues to be the go-to resource for those who are seriously considering applying for a patent. What Amazon readers are saying:
In addition, Rich regularly writes about intellectual property (IP) law for his firm, Goldstein Patent Law. Over the years, Rich has written about virtually every facet of IP law, and we invite you explore some of his more recent popular pieces:
Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

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Rich Goldstein speaks on intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

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